Digging Deeper: Adnan Syed—Guilty or Innocent?

To this day, Adnan Syed is serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of Hae Min Lee. However, the hit podcast Serial revisits this potentially wrongful conviction. Do they prove his innocence?

The second thing is the possessiveness. Independence (indiscernible). I’m a very independent person. I rarely rely on my parents. Although I love him, it’s not like I need him. I know I’ll be just fine without him, and I need some time for myself and (indiscernible) other than him. How dare he get mad at me for planning to hang with Aisha? The third thing is the mind play. I’m sure it’s out of jealousy. Shit, I don’t get jealous. And I think whoever trying [sic] to get me jealous is a fool because you’ll definitely lose me. I prefer a straight relationship that don’t get people mixed in just [sic] he wanted to play mind games.

“hard work, determination and belief in my innocence assures me I’m in the best hands.”



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